Back in August of 2012, we took on a project for a company in a highly competitive industry. ¬†The company offered three, B to C products with price points between $20-100. Challenge : A B2B customer in the same industry was worth thousands of dollars. Both customer groups (B2C and B2B) used the same search […]

Every wonder when you should post on Facebook or what you should post on Facebook?

Here are some quick tips

Facebook is going to have a $100 Billion IPO. The main reason is their ad revenue. Facebook is #4 in traffic but #1 in ad revenue. Why?

1) Their platform has enormous reach – 800 million users is more than 1 out of every 10 humans

The Internet in 60 seconds

January 5th, 2012

2 Infographs testify that there’s a lot of internet activity => ecommerce, downloads, media, interaction, hacking, porn and more. It all happens not only in one minute, but every minute. Infographic by- Web Design Company¬†Guided Arrow  

Social Media Branding: How it Works. Cool infograph. Facebook vs. Twitter? Discover what’s more effective for your company. Find out what type of content consumer prefer and more

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